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by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 22Jun2009 Print This Post Print This Post

Please Tell Me When There’s a New Post


I’ve been asked a couple of times if there is a way to be alerted if there is a new posting on the site. People have said that they don’t want to have to remember to go to the site to check for new information.  Fair enough.  I’ve set up several ways to do just that. Hopefully, one will suit you and your needs. 

The primary question to consider is how quickly do you want to be alerted to the new content?

  • Right Away
  • Whenever you’re already  checking your RSS feeds
  • Daily email

If you want to be notified right away you can use twitter to follow “Sporting97Green”.  The site is configured to send a notification to twitter for every new post.  If you’re following the site, turn on the SMS (text messaging) notifications and you’re all set.

If you currently use an RSS feed reader to aggregate and read content of interest to you, simply add us to your reader.

If you’d like to be notified by e-mail of new content, you can do that.  The attached video shows you how to sign up for a daily email that is sent ONLY if there is new content. When viewing this, you can switch to full screen by clicking on the bottom right next to the volume. To exit full screen mode, press the [ESCape] key.

Unfortunately, these methods only work for new postings. If a posting is updated with new information, no new notifications are sent. Typically this occurs with tournaments. A post is created when we’ve been accepted to compete and then it is updated as information becomes available. For example, hotel details schedule and venue details, maps etc. Not sure of how to do that automatically…

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