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HELP! I forgot my Password.

Not to worry. Here is the 5 step process; hints are at the bottom:

1. Click on Lost Password Link:


You’ll be taken to a screen that looks like this:

2. Enter your e-mail address OR username and click “GetNew Password”

The system will send an email to the entered email address (if it’s associated with a registered user) -OR-send it to the email in the database for the username.  Your username should be your first initial and last name, all lower case,  all run together.  (e.g. John Doe becomes “jdoe”) If you’re not sure, you’re better off using your e-mail as it will tell you it doesn’t have that e-mail in the database. If you use your username it will send the email to the address on file but won’t say what that address is.

This step is the systems’ attempt to make sure that you are who you say you are and have access to the email account in question.

  • The email is from “”
  • and is titled: “[Santa Clara Sporting Soccer] Password Reset”
  • It looks like this (click to enlarge in new window):


3. Open the e-mail and click on link in the email to validate the password reset request. The system will send you a second e-mail.

  • The email is from “”
  • and is titled: “[Santa Clara Sporting Soccer] Your new password”
  • It looks like this:


4. Open the second email.

It contains your username and your shiny new, system generated, non-friendly password

5. Login to site.

It is helpful to have the site login screen open in one window and the email open in another window so you can copy and paste the password from your e-mail into the login screen.

6. (Optional) Change your password to a more memorable one.

Once logged in follow the link on your dashboard to change your password to a more memorable one. There is a link to your dashboard below where it says “Welcome User FirstName”.  For a quick tutorial on changing your password, see this post.

Hints, Notes and Likely Problems

The system sends the e-mails very quickly, within a minute. The several times I’ve tested, it has been as fast as I can switch screens and refresh the email inbox. That being said, the world wide web can slow things down quite a bit. If you request a change and don’t see the mail within 2 to 4 hours, submit another request. It is not uncommon for one email to show up in seconds and the other take 10 -15 minutes.

The most likely problem is you have an overly aggressive, or at least untrained, spam filter. You may need to “whitelist” the system address which is “” so that it isn’t sent to the spam bucket.

In my testing, I’ve never had a problem at step 2, it has always been at step 4 and my spam filter. My darling bride has had exactly the opposite experience and gets snagged at step 2 and sails through step 4.

YMMV   (Your Mileage May Vary)

Lastly, if you enter an invalid e-mail or username in step 2 above, you’ll see a screen something like the one below.  Don’t worry, just try again.


If you don’t see an e-mail, have checked your spam bucket and it’s been 4 hours or more, either try again or give me a shout, I’m glad to help.

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