Cal Cup 2009

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California Cup 2009  Sacramento, Califonia;  June 26th through 28th, 2009

The team was invited to the tournament by virtue of winning the tournament the prior year.  The team was unable to advance beyond bracket play.

The first game was against the Mustang Outlaws which  they easily won 3-0.  The sceond game was against the home team team the San Juan Spirits Blue.  The refereeing in this match was dreadful and the girls lost 1-2.  “Crash”  our amazing #23 had a “matrix” style shot on goal with about two minutes to play that would have tied the game but the crossbar deflected it up and over as opposed to down and in. 

The next day they played Heritage dynamite and easily won the game, 7-0.  This placed them in the position of needing some “help” from the Mustang Outlaws.  If the Outlaws could tie or defeat the San Juan Spirit, the team would advance to the semi-finals, if not they would have to settle for a consolation match against another bracket’s 2nd place finisher.  Spirit drew first blood and the Outlaws fought back to tie the game with about seven minutes to go.  Time expired but the whistle had not been sounded, if the Outlaws could clear the ball, the game would end in a tie.  The clear failed and the Spirits had the ball.  The referee signalled a foul and the Spirits scored on the direct kick by putting the ball just below the cross bar.  The final was 2-1 in favor of the Spirits.

Our girls played their consolation match against the CV Mercury White team which they play in regular league play.  The final was 5-0 in favor of Sporting.

Here’s a link to the entire scoring matrix.

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