Surf Cup Game 2

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This was another great game!  Dallas Texans 1 – Santa Clara Sporting 1.  We drew “first blood” and the Texans were able to even the score on a direct kick that should never have occurred.  The AR called (and it was) a foul throw in for Texans but the Center did not acknowledge him… Three plays later they were awarded a direct kick that no one could have stopped. Our girls learned first hand why this team is number two in the country and why they won the tournament. They were a big, fast and physical team. Clearly, the Texans are coached to do things “off the ball” which was a first for our girls to experience to such a degree. Our girls should be very proud of their play. We proved that we can play with the best teams in the country. A different referee crew might have acknowledged the foul throw, the Texans had several opportunities to score and Regan and the “brick wall” proved their mettle. We were the only team to tie them during the tournament, every other team lost.

Here’s a link to photos taken by ActionPhoto. texanGame

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