Using the Calendar to your Advantage

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The calendar default shows the current month view. However, airset offers many choices from Day to Year once the calendar is displayed on screen. My favorite is the 3 week view as it provides the largest amount of time that you can choose the start date for. What I mean is that for the monthly view you can’t start in the middle of the month, only the first. With the 3 week view choose whatever start day you want.

To select the 3 week view, simply click on the link at the top of the calendar. To choose a start date it’s a little more obscure.dbl_arrow

Move your cursor up to the grey background numbers until the cursor changes to a double ended arrow.dbl_arrow_hand Now, hold down the left mouse button, once the icon changes to a hand with a fatter arrow below it you can slide (drag) the whole calendar to the right or the left to your desired start date.

To shift right or left by exactly 3 weeks, click on the corresponding arrow at the top to the right or left of the date title. If you see a vertical bar outside of either of the arrows, clicking on it will put today’s date on the left edge of the calendar display.

Airset can synchronize with many calendar programs including Outlook. The iPhone can synchronize with Airset IF(that’s a big if) you use a windows PC. If you’re using a Mac there are some rather cumbersome work arounds all because the Mac Safari browser does NOT support Web 2.0 standards.  You can research those work-arounds on the AirSet website.

If you’d like me to add you to the Sporting 97 Green airset group send me an e-mail. Advantages are that you can set airset to send you alerts (reminders) at whatever time you’d like as well as daily summaries of your upcoming schedule.  You can create as many other calendars as you like and then view them in a combined format or singly.

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