NorCal State Cup 2009-2010

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December 19th, 2009

2060 Freeway Drive
Woodland, CA 95776
(530) 662-9100

Brunch / Ornament Exchange

In keeping with our tradition of years past, we’ll be having an ornament exchange after the game. Siblings are welcome to participate, the more, the merrier!! We’ll do it over brunch which will be at:
590 N. East St
Woodland, CA

It is about three miles from the field due North on East street. (East St appears to be the western boundary of the sports complex) The restaurant is just before the I-5 and if Google maps is to be believed, will be on the right. Thanks to Leslie & Shellie for setting this up!

Directions from San Jose to Field

Field address is:

Woodland Healthcare Field

2001 East St.
Woodland CA 95776

This may not work in your GPS, Yahoo maps etc. in which case use:
East St. & County Road 24C; Woodland, CA 95776

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Directions from Hotel(A) to Fields(B)

About 10 minutes drive time +parking +finding our field +…

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Marisa has reserved a room block for Friday 12/18 & Saturday 12/19 at the Hampton Inn & Suites (remember your Hilton Honors points) in Woodland for the Nor Cal Championship Games. Since we only have one game, Saturday at 8AM you can cancel the Saturday reservation.

There are 10 rooms with 2 queen beds, 5 rooms w/ 1 king bed, and 5 rooms with a king bed & a sofa sleeper (non-smoking) Rates are $104 a night & include complimentary hot breakfast.

The hotel will hold our room block only till 12/7 and then rooms will return back to inventory at their full price rate of $159 a night…so reserve rooms now.

You can call the hotel directly & our group is reserved under Sporting 97 Green
Go Sporting!

Hampton Inn & Suites Woodland, CA

QuarterFinals December 5th (CC’s Birthday & Pearl Harbor Day)

as of today 11/24 the game on Friday is at Santa Rosa HS
12/1 it’s now at Elise Allen HS, still 6:30PM, under the lights…

SemiFinals December 6th

The game on Sunday is at 10:45AM if we win on Saturday and it is at 2:15PM if we lose, either way we play Sunday.

Quality Inn & Suites (CA977) Link to their site
Check in time is 3:00PM. They will check you in early IF they have a room open…
Please, if at all possible, have the girls there early enough that they’re not jumping out of the car for warm-ups right from coming from home… Let’s get ‘er done!

3000 Santa Rosa Ave
Santa Rosa, CA, US, 95407
Phone: (707) 521-2100
Fax: (707) 521-2101

Some amenities listed below:

  • Free wireless high-speed Internet access
  • Free deluxe continental breakfast
  • Free local calls
  • Free coffee
  • Exercise room

San Jose to Santa Rosa (Hotel)

~2 Hours

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Hotel to Elsie Allen High Saturday Game

Approx 3 miles/ 7 mins drive

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Hotel to Trione Field Sunday Game

Approx 7 miles & 10 mins drive time

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Will we advance???


  1. Atlas loses or ties, rankings remain the same for 1(SCLA) & 2(Placer)
  2. Atlas wins 4-0 (max point delta that is acknowledged in the tournament tie-breaker rules
  • Head to Head; doesn’t work since all teams have 1 win & 1 loss against each other
  • Goal differential to 4; Atlas and SCLA tie since both have max delta of 4 (Atlas moves ahead of Placer)
  • Goals for to 4; Atlas and SCLA tie since both have max of 4
  • Goals against to 4; SCLA wins (1 against SCLA to 2 against Atlas)
  • Also remember the tie-breakers don’t revert back when a team is eliminated.

This post will continue to grow as the tournament progresses. I won’t be moving it up to keep it at the top, but it will always be found either by going to the tournament page where it will be at the top until it is completed, or you can book mark the page name up above in the address bar.

Again, we are in the “C” group. Six Groups of four. (24)

Preliminary round. We are in “Red C” Twelve Groups of four (48) started in “Red” 72 teams in total started the competition at all levels.


Date Opponent Score Opp


Date Opponent Score Opp
12/19 0800 Mustang Xplosion 0 1
12/6 Atlas 3 1
12/5 SRU Freeze 3 2
Round II (24 teams)
11/15 Fair Oaks Rage 9 0
11/08 Atlas 0 1
11/01 Placer Untd Prestige 98 Gld 3 0
Round I (48 teams)
10/11 Pleasanton Rage White 7 0
10/03 Orchard Valley Heat 3 1
9/13 Mustang Courage 5 0

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admin December 20, 2009 at 10:07

Explosion (Championship)
:07 St M taken out by the goalie; The whistle come up the centers mouth, he looks down sees that they’re in the area and then drops the whistle and signals play on. This does not bode well for our girls.
:10 AR asleep (it was 8:12AM) missed seeing FOUR players offside, three by about 2 yds and one by about 2 ft. Allowed play to continue. Our girls were too far behind and unable to make up the head start. RH was left all alone, no chance. 0-1
:34 #19, kicks Erin above her left eye. Cut so badly she has to leave game and get bandaged; blood everywhere… After LOTS of waving by AR a Yellow is awarded.
:56 LP on ground writhing in pain just off NO CALL. Coach asks “is it a foul on the ground or a throw-in?” The referee does not answer. Asks again, no answer. Instead the referee asks if he has an assistant. The inference is I’m going to throw you out, quickly confirmed by similar words. Scenario confirmed by a rational mom, not an irrational webmaster.
Final: 0-1

dan hinz December 6, 2009 at 23:31

Atlas (Semi-Final)
:01 LP to SM 1-0
:17 corner RG to LC 2-0
Half: 2-0
:46 Foul @ 18yd out of box direct kick to opposite top corner 2-1
:67 SM ™ shot/score from about 15yds 3-1
Final: 3-1
For the FOURTH year in a row to the finals!!Our girls are awesome.
Must comment on how much better the refs were today than last night. Thankful that he called lots of fouls or we would have needed a bunch of body bags. 3 yellows were awarded other team (could have easily been 6 or 8 total for them) Also must wax eloquent on how nasty the other parents were. They were cheering more against us parents and our players than they were cheering for their kids??!! At least I wasn’t awarded a “loud mouth” sucker unlike last night… Thanks for keeping me honest.

admin December 5, 2009 at 23:03

SRU Freeze (Quarter-Final)
Game delayed because the lights went off about 5mins into previous game. Then they moved a boys game OT onto our field from somewhere across town…??!! What BS! Full Hour delay 7:30PM.
:21 Foul RG nails a direct kick from 39yds just below the crossbar!
:27 SRU ties, after a great save by Regan girl fly’s in and head rebound into goal
:31 SM to EN on a gorgeous cross
HalfTime: 2-1
:68 Corner scrum SRU score
:70 (Regulation): 2-2
OT1 (5min): No Score
OT2 (5min): No Score
Penlaty Kicks
1: SRU miss MC score
2: SRU score RG score
3: SRU miss ShM score
4: SRU miss SPORTING Wins!!!
The heater was awesome Scott, Thanks!! Thanks Lisa for giving me a choice of sucker, I like Jolly Rancher.

admin November 15, 2009 at 15:24

Fair Oaks Rage
Scoring numerous goals very quickly, we are now all mixed up…
Half Time: 6-0
:44 min score is now 9-0. Opposing coach has said (threatened) that he will forfeit the game if we score another goal. If that were to happen we would have a 1-0 win. We will now play 26 minutes of keep away.
Final: 9-0

admin November 8, 2009 at 18:10

Atlas Academy
Half: 0-0
:45 score by Atlas #30 ~35 yds
Final: 0-1
Reffing was particularly bad in the first half. Fiona called for a foul when she was the one being held by the other player. Plesse called for a foul and she was the one thrown to the ground. Their #12 EXTREMELY dirty player. Their #8 is a very talented player but she hit Reese with her elbow two times and threw her to the ground so hard that Reese had to come out for about half an hour…

admin November 1, 2009 at 16:11

Placer United Prestige Gold -98
Thanks to Leslie for the updates.
:10 Score by Megan – tough, physical game
:30 Crafty to Erica
Half 2-0
:48 Stefanie taken down from behind at edge of box. Shae buried the PK
Final 3-0

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