Challenge Cup Champions!!

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THREE IN A ROW, WOW! Congratulations girls.  They played very well even missing several players and one being sick. Everyone stepped up and played some great games. 

Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom so you can see the results of their first “ThreePeat” performance…

As reported in the Almaden Times Thank you to Gary and Marissa for the helping out the local paper.

Article on Sporting Club Website

Here’s a brief overview of how the games played out during the California Odyssey Challenge Cup.

Game 1 – Bullard FC

  1. 05: Plesse goal (I thought she was sick??)
  2. 18: Erica down left side in to Hanna sends it by head to Shae
  3. 20: Shae all alone
  4. 49: Crafty in to Ashley, Goal

Game 2 – Cal Odyssey Red

  1. 06: Fiona, pretty
  2. 11: Plesse down left side to Hannah to Shae
  3. 31: Shae down the right side all alone
  4. 38: Ashley fast break over the top all alone 1 on 1
  5. 46: Cecelia up the middle fast break over the top all alone 1 on 1, Nutmeg
  6. 49: Kylie Noll from about 25yds high arch, goalie misjudged 1 hop into net

Game 3 – South Valley United

  1. 11: Shae all alone trademark right diagonal goal
  2. 30: Plesse goal
  3. 41: Corner by Erica into a committee of scrummers

Final – Impact Konfusion

  1. 01: Shae over the keepers head from right trademark
  2. 06: Shae to Plesse
  3. 34: Shae up middle
  4. 46: Textbook, Erica up the middle 1 on 1 w/goalie
  5. 48: Kristina at the half takes on whole team 1 at a time, goalie lays her out, too late
  6. 57: CC trashed 8-10yd from end line outside box, Megan serves a perfect ball to Kristina’s head, nothing but net


click to see bigger.

And, as always, Ken has done an awesome job on the photos.  They’re visible from the “photos” link to the right or directly from his Flickr account.  Thanks, Ken.  The team photo with the cup is “in the mix” in the upper right corner.

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