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CYSA State Cup 2009-2010

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Because of yucky (highly technical term ;) ) field conditions, our game has been moved to the NORTH Turf field and the time has changed to 3:30PM on Saturday.


Please be at the Soccer complex at 2:45PM on Saturday for check-in/warm-up.

SUNDAY Check-In (If we advance)

Check-In on Sunday will be at 10:30AM. The reason for the early check-in is that the girls will be doing additional paperwork. The extra paperwork is (keep fingers crossed) if we win the Championship to prevent, or limit, cheating at the Far West Regional Tournament. Only those players signed on the roster can play in the Far West. There are no roster additions after it has been signed.

Check-in will be at the office, that faces Condit Rd at the South End (Behind the Snack Bar).

We have to line up in a certain order, sign a bunch of papers etc. Parents will have to sign a copy of the membership/medical release forms OR provide a new copy. The signature must be in an ink color OTHER than Black (want an original signature). CYSA will be keeping an original signature copy that will go to Far West Regionals and we need to have an original copy to continue playing our regular games and tournaments.

1601 FORM

Please fill out the form and bring it to practice on Wednesday.

Actually, any color is OK EXCEPT BLACK.

You can fill out the form on your computer and print it off for signature in BLUE INK. Our last league & season “SCYSL Fall ’09 “. I didn’t fill in the team/friend/coach request (left it blank)


Just to reiterate, CYSA is known to be a stickler for “details” and uniforms are one of those details. If your daughter wants to wear underarmor please have her wear WHITE with Stripes -OR- BLACK with Black. Here’s the quote from CYSA:

I. The appearance of players is a vital extension of the game. Stockings/socks must be of the same color, (a player must wear stockings/socks of a matching color), should be correctly worn in the pulled-up position covering shin pads or guards. Shirts/ jerseys shall be neatly tucked into their shorts. The wearing of tracksuit trousers or long tights in a color that coordinates with the team’s colors is permissible in adverse weather. Cyclists’ pants, tights, etc., may be worn under a player’s shorts if they are the same color as the shorts. The wearing of long sleeve shirts/ jerseys under uniform jerseys is permitted, in inclement weather, provided the garment is the same color as the team’s jersey. A player’s team uniform confirms the identity of the club or organization that the player represents. It should be worn with pride. All CYSA Cup referees will be instructed to enforce this uniform rule in all games.


I’ll leave this post at the top until the tournament starts. Remember that if you need to find it and it’s not visible the link is either “/cysa” or “/statecup” at the end of the site name or:



Here is a link to the PDF of our Bracket only (edited down from the one that was posted) If you need the full schedule (other ages and boys, etc.) it is available here.

2009-2010 CYSA State Cup soccer tournament details can be found in this post. Tournament software is by T7sports. The details below are for our team.

Santa Clara Sporting Green (only) schedule will be (is) here.

U12 Girls Bracket Schedule will be (is) here. We are in the “A” division.

Standings will be (or are) here. Upcoming Schedule is down below. Timeline can be found here, or here.

All of our First round games are at Morgan Hill Soccer complex


Field Hotline: (925) 417-5419

Date Opponent Score Opp
1/30 CV Mercury 3 0
1/30 Fresno Metro Monarchs 6 1
1/31 Redwood Standford Storm 4 0
2/7 QF: El Dorado United Eclipse 98 7 0
2/13 SF: CV Mercury 3 1
2/14 Championship: AJAX United Elite 5 0

Field Hotline: (925) 417-5419


Since our games in the tournament are being played at our district fields (Morgan Hill Soccer Complex), we need to provide field marshal coverage for the tournament. This is a great deal for us as they’ve scheduled them right before and after our games so we can still watch our daughters play. AND, we don’t have to drive 2+ hours and stay overnight in a hotel like the White team.

Date Time Family
Sat 1/30 0830 – 1015 [game: 1030] Hinz
Sat 1/30 1PM – 2:45PM [game: 3PM] McCoy
Sun 1/31 1000 – 1145 [game: 1200] Sequeira

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admin February 14, 2010 at 16:33


AJAX United Elite
:03 Corner RG -> ShM header
:05 LC -> ShM defender deflects -> HG
:07 ShM all alone
Half: 3 – 0
:31 Penalty in box. AJAX PK from the mark, RH save!
:32 KS up the field to ShM give & go to LP to ShM
:40 shot by HG goalie beautiful save, but injured ankle :(
:45 AJAX handball in box. ShM shot, deflected by reserve goalie.
:51 HG up the field to EN across to ShM. goal.
Final: 5 – 0
These are the first Sporting girls team to win a state championship, EVER!

admin February 13, 2010 at 20:40

Semi Final

Central Valley Mercury White
:07 JC across the face of the goal, out the other side LP takes a touch and scores!
Half: 1 – 0
Passes are all a bit long, girls seem not to be used to the super smooth turf and wind at their backs.
:34 JC trashed in the box, awarded direct kick outside the box. ShM hits it through a maze and it bounces off the left post and in
:46 RH mishandles ball at top of box, CV puts it in
:56 JC across the face to ShM cant’ shoot, sends it out to LP
Final: 3 – 1
Ajax United beat the TP Storm (Atlas) team in PK’s after OT. So we’ll be playing Ajax in the final tomorrow at Noon.

admin February 7, 2010 at 20:48

Quarter Final

El Dorado United Eclipse
:01 RG goes down with a rolled ankle? (no one near her) and is carried out by Jim.
:07 LC -> FS -> ShM
:13 StM -> MS
:18 Didn’t see who scored or how, busy supervising the ball shaggers on the other side of the fence (Thanks to Brett and Nolan) It is nasty, smelly and squishy over there (I was shagging earlier…)
:20 ShM trashed in box by two… Center puts the ball down just outside of the box and awards a direct kick. ShM buries it in the back of the net.
:26 ShM shoots from about 15yds goalie is able to deflect but not control; CC goal
Half 5 – 0

Field is OK except grass is tall at Northwest corner and goalie boxes are a mess. At least they repainted the lines, unlike last Sunday. Fortunately we’re not on field #3 next to us, nearly half the penalty area is muck. Not sure why MHSC folks don’t put sand, or cat litter down. And why don’t they reschedule fields to try and rest them a bit… Maybe saving them for next weekend.

RG back in the game. MC goes down and is carried off by coach Jim. His comment: “This was a lot easier when you girls were 7 years old!!”

:43 ShM from 23 yds
MC back in the game and is displaying some very sweet moves up the left side.
:57 JC -> FS from 10 – 12 yds
Final 7 – 0

I was talking to one of the Mom’s from the Eclipse team and these girls have done well for themselves as they’ve been playing together for only about a year. Watch out in another year or so.

CV Mercury beat OV Heat 2 -1 and Sporting White loses to Ajax United Elite 2 – 0. We’ll be playing the CV Mercury in the Semifinal next Saturday.

admin January 31, 2010 at 15:37

Redwood Stanford Storm
:01 Corner RG -> ShM header
:03 Corner (Other side) RG -> HG head -> JC
:11 ShM from ~20yds
:20 FS -> CC (Converse of yesterday’s first game)
Half 4 – 0
Jim has them all mixed up, Back line on top, top in the middle and top in back
Final 4 – 0
Referee is a stickler on uniform stuff, underarmor matching, sleeved down, one player had to remove hair twisty with a tiny brass (junction) on it.

Ken January 31, 2010 at 9:12

If we win the cup, the Far West Regional tourney is the week of June 21-27. If we advance the National Youth Soccer Championships are scheduled the week of July 20-25 in Overland Park, Kansas.

Link to Calendar:

admin January 30, 2010 at 18:35

Fresno Metro Monarchs
:04 Corner RG -> ShM header
:08 MS up the middle
:10 MS up the middle
:13 ShM ~22yds
:21 RG direct kick from ~ 25yds
:24 ShM
Half 6-0
Monarchs very frustrated and playing dirtier and dirtier
:36 Monarchs score
:53 LP trashed at top of box, but is unable to convert the PK. Goalie tipped it…
Final 6 – 1
Not sure why but the ref let the 2nd half go 30 mins. Referee not concerned with appearance, one girl on Monarch back line doesn’t have a jersey???

admin January 30, 2010 at 18:26

CV Mercury
:17 Corner RG -> LP -> ShM
Half 1 – 0
:37 ShM didn’t see who passed it in
:49 CC -> FS
Final 3 -0

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