Raingear a.k.a. Parkas

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To see more info on the waterproof jackets: TruWest Custom Sports Products, click on Parkas on the left side menu and then on Waterproof parks in the right window once the parkas show up.

Sporting approved us to purchase rain gear for the girls. I showed them the sample that the company sent me and they loved them. They company is coming up with a price for us now. The price will be based on the volume of our order. I’m hoping the price comes in under $100 including the embroidery. These parkas are “waterproof” vs. water “resistant.” They are also made in America. I’ve seen cheapy ones online for around $65, not including embroidery. Update on prices: The price fully decked out will be about $125 plus tags will make it about $135. Still working on seeing if we can get options to reduce the price on an individual, as desired, basis. This would be accomplished by reducing the fleece thickness or removing an inside zippered pocket etc.

These are American made jackets and will be made to order. The manufacturer embroiders the logos and such before assembling the jackets, not afterwards. Most, if not all, of the ones that are done on-line are imported from China. If they are embroidered, it is done After assembly so the stitching goes all the way through to the inside and is subject to pulling and reduces the coats insulating power.

Obviously, we want to know the total price before we order, however, if you can please give me idea of how many of you would be interested in one for your daughter and/or yourself, that would be great. The girls will most likely never out grow these jackets and they should last for years. The one that Allie has on in the pictures attached is mine so it’s very big on her. These come in all sizes for kids and adults.

This is strictly optional. This is NOT mandatory gear to purchase. The manufacturer is truWest and they are in SoCal. See the banner below, at teh bottom.


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