Stampede Replacement

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 27Jan2010 Print This Post Print This Post

Jim speaks with wisdom beyond his years…

I went to the GotSoccer website and downloaded the top 20 U13 Girls tournaments in the country. After stripping out most of the extraneous stuff and then sorting by date it looks like the below image. Clicking on the image will open a new window with the google spreadsheet. You should be able to sort on any column by clicking on the column header cell (dark blue, white text) <1> and then selecting sort found in the “Tools” <2> menu. The two columns on the right are rankings: all girls tournaments and GU13 tournaments.

Remember that any tournaments before August 1st would be as U12. Just some food for thought…


To quickly go to any tournament in GotSoccer use the link below and replace the 4-digit EVENTID code at the end with the desired tournament ID found in the left hand most column of the spreadsheet.

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