Ajax goals 1 and 2!!!

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Below are video clips of various parts of the CYSA State Cup Championship game against the Ajax United Elite.

Goal 1

The first goal was scored at the three minute mark on a corner kick from RG to ShM who heads it into the goal. It is very easy to hear and a bit more difficult to see.

Goal 2

The second goal was scored at the five minute mark. JC brings it down the right side and runs into traffic and is trying to get it back. LC sends it across to ShM who take a shot which is deflected by a defender. HG takes the deflection and puts it in the net.

Kick from the Mark by AJAX

Early in the second half, there is a foul in the penalty area by one of our defenders. AJAX is awarded a kick from the mark. RH dives onto the kick preventing the score. AJAX remains scoreless.

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admin February 19, 2010 at 17:15

Thanks for posting these Miriam! They look great, thanks for sticking with it and figuring out how to get the videos to show up!

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