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D2 Spring Cup 2010

Posted By Dan Hinz, Jr. On 26Feb2010 @ 7:21 In Green Team,Tournaments | 5 Comments

District II Spring Cup Tournament is the weekend of June 5th and 6th.  As with the spring season, we’ll be playing up an age group (U13).  We’ve been accepted [1].  The schedules are now on-line, see below for links.  If you want to sign up for e-mail or text message alerts as scores are posted you can do that here [2] (bottom of page).  Remember to unsubscribe after the tournament using the same link [2] (top of the page). The shortlink for this post is: “http://Sporting97Green.com/spring-cup/

The top six teams from our Spring season are in our bracket. In this format, the top three teams (us) play each of the bottom three teams. The top two teams by points will play in the final. The bracket schedule is here. [3] Sporting only schedule is here [4].  Results will be/are here [5].   The “grid” format, which I personally find the least useful, can be found here. [6]


  We are scheduled to be on three different fields for each of our bracket games.  They are (in order):

Cubberley Foot

(I think this means “Football” the other field they are using in this tournament at this venue is “N” which I’m guessing means “North”. There are actually three fields here that are designated 1, 2, and 3. So all I can suggest is to arrive a few minutes early to sort it out.

4000 Middlefield Road
Palo Alto 94303

View Larger Map of Cubberley [7]

Cañada College #1

4200 Farm Hill Boulevard
Redwood City, CA 94061

View Larger Map of Cañada College [8]

Red Morton Beach

1400 Roosevelt Avenue
Redwood City, CA 94061

View Larger Map of Red Morton Beach [9]

Mayfield North

Page Mill Road & El Camino Real
Palo Alto, CA

The address that the folks running the tournament say it is 2700 W El Camino Real and shows up as two fields that don’t appear to be suitable for soccer play. Checking my friendly website of soccer field addresses is how I came up with my location.

View Larger Map of Mayfield [10]

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5 Comments To "D2 Spring Cup 2010"

#1 Comment By Dan On 05Jun2010 @ 13:00

MVLA Spirit [U13]

Half: 0 – 0
:49 Corner MS to MW header
Final: 1 – 0
Not the prettiest game, but good outcome. Way to get it done girls!

#2 Comment By Dan On 05Jun2010 @ 20:55

CVYSL Wanderers [U13]

:08 EN across to SM, HG turns to prevent defense from blocking shot
Half: 1 – 0
:45 SM a zinger on the ground from top left corner of box
:46 KS to EN abt 6yds
:52 MW tripped just on offensive half. Girls all lined up inside box, MS lobs ball over the heads and LP is closest to ball, blasts it to back of net.
Final: 4 – 0
Much better effort by the girls than this mornings game, great job moving the ball! Saw them swing the ball around the back side a couple of times. Pretty! Well done.

#3 Comment By Dan On 06Jun2010 @ 13:01

SV Alliance Extreme [U13]

:15 FS from top of the box
Half: 1 – 0
:55 didn’t see who sent it into the middle but SM did an amazing flying leap header crashing to the ground. She didn’t get to see it go in, but it sure did! 1 word = WOW!
Final: 2 – 0
That pretty much guarantee us a spot in the final unless both of the other teams win with 10pt (3-0) games. The girls ALL played really well, moving the ball around and sending the ball to open space. Great Job girls! (and coaches…)

#4 Comment By Dan On 06Jun2010 @ 13:10

MVLA vs MVLA [U13]

Just heard that ended in a draw which means we’re in the final for sure. See you at Mayfield at 4:30PM. If Juventus wins their match we’ll play them, if they lose we’ll play MVLA Blue. If they tie like MVLA then it will be a tie breaker situation…

#5 Comment By Dan On 06Jun2010 @ 18:15

Juventus Avanza [U13]

Half: 0 – 0
Final: 0 – 0
OT1: 0 – 0
OT2: 0 – 0
PK’s: 0 – 1

PK Summary:

1: RG blocked by Goalie
They make (-1)
2: MC makes
Regan Blocks (0)
3: EM misses over top
They make (-1)
4: KS makes
They make (-1)
5: FS makes
Regan stops (0)
6: MW makes
they make (0)
7: EN hits crossbar but not in
Regan Saves (0)
8: LP miss wide right
they miss wide right (0)
9: LC is blocked
Regan blocks (0)
10: MS misses wide right
Their goalie shoots and makes (-1)

Great job girls!

Wish it would have ended some other way, but you should be very proud of doing so well playing up a year.

Even though the girls did really well, we will get no points on GotSoccer because the competition level was insufficient to gain us anything. We entered the tournament with 14,156 points which means the top five teams would have to bring at least 5 points more than that for us to get even 1 point. Because of the way GotSoccer changed points brought to a tournament, the total for our group was only 13,282. The most ANY team can bring to a tournament is 10,000 points. So in this case, we brought 10,000 (2,000 when averaged) and have (14,156 / 5 = 2,831) points deducted from the total available to us. So unless the other teams bring a similar amount of points, there are no points for us to win.

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