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Also a “Sweet” Thank You to Teri Mullis for leading the team’s Carmel Apple fundraiser. Friends of ours have had this brand of apples and say they’re monstrous. Packets are due by February 20th and pickup will be on March 13th. The DeBrito Chocolate Factory has been making these apples for a long, long time.

Each family should write one check to Mabel Plesse, our team treasurer, for the apples that they sell. Mabel will deposit the checks in the team fund and write one check to DeBrito Chocolate Factory. Remember we need to sell 10 apples per family to make sure we meet the minimum required for the fundraiser. (More is better!!) :D

Please remember that proceeds from apple sales are due this Wednesday at practice. For those that will be out of town due to ski-week and won’t be at Wednesday’s practice, please mail your check to Scott Wheelock’s house and Teri will take it from there. His mailing address is on the team roster, available on the site under downloads. Please mail the checks to Scott by next Friday, February 19th.

A “Super” Thank You to Brent Plesse for running the team’s bowl fundraiser.

A “Sweet” Thank You to Terri and Shellie (and anyone else I missed) for helping with the apple fundraiser. Between the two we made enough to pay for a nice tournament. So it IS true these are monster apples! All the ones we got weighed in over 1.25lbs. The apples were really crisp and flavorful. All the people that ordered them from us asked, on delivery, if they could get some more! People that were in the vicinity and saw how big and beautiful they were asked how they could get some. So NEXT time we get them keep that in mind. Remember that a pound of See’s candy costs just over $16. So these apples really are a great deal they’re probably half apple, half candy.

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