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I figured one more try before giving up completely. I sent another e-mail to the folks at National Soccer Rankings (link can be found under links) figuring that as state champs, we might get some love… Thanks to Brent for pointing out that they moved us up to #1 in Region IV and #2 nationally.

GotSoccer finally rated the tournament and we received almost 1200 points for being semifinalists at the NorCal Spring Showcase last weekend. I also noticed that they appear to have changed how they award points to the tournaments. What I mean by that is that the maximum points do not directly correlate to, or match, the points brought to the tournament by the teams.

In the past, the maximum points available in a flight were equal to the total of the top five teams (in that flight) points divided by five. As you’re all aware, we received a lot more points for the State Cup win than we expected. Spot checking several other recent tournaments it appears to be an overall change…

If you want to see how the bonus points are awarded for scored tournaments, look at the MVLA Mercury Black 96G (team that we played) page on the left side under achievements.

Go Sporting!!

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