Indoor Champions 2010

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The Sporting Girls I know and love are back!

Championship game:

The girls drew first blood, but were answered quickly by OV Heat, we scored a second time to closing the half 2-1. I was told my daughter had a couple of great stops while I was away looking for my other wayward offspring…
The second half was more of the same, and for every goal we scored they answered back. Near the end an own goal by one of the defenders tied it up for the Heat. At the end of regulation it was 5 – 5.


It is done golden goal and they take one player off of the field and do not allow any substitutions for the 5 minutes. Amazing, another remarked and I agree that the field looked empty by just taking 1 player from each team off of the field. Both teams played well and there were missed opportunities on both teams, it ended in a stalemate.


PK’s are done differently than in outdoor. The shooter starts a bit farther out and is allowed to dribble in. They are allowed 5 second to score and may shoot multiple times, if they can get the ball back.
1. OV Heat shooter one strikes the ball and CC knocks it down and then scoops it up
MW takes two touches and plows it in. Goalie made a diving attempt
1 – 0
2. OV Heat shooter dribbles in CC dives but picked the wrong direction, goal
JC takes two touches & shoots. Goalie dives in an attempt to stop the ball.
2 – 1
3. OV Heat shooter dribbles in, CC comes out hard and jumps as the shot is launched it catches her above her left hip. CC jumps up and scrambles after the ball and gets a hand on it as the ref whistles the end of 5 seconds and our victory! ShM doesn’t even have to shoot.
2 – 1 so final should be recorded as 7 – 6



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Shellie April 21, 2010 at 15:24

This was an awesome effort by all! I have to say, CC “rocked” in the goal…she stayed tuff and strong…props to her!!

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