CYSA-CAL Soccer League

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 27May2010 Print This Post Print This Post

As you’ve probably already heard, CYSA is making some changes to the format and structure of their league.  At the top of their webpage it says “A State Wide Soccer League” and “Higher level of competition for Div 1 & Div 3 teams”.  They claim “The CYSA-Cal Soccer League (CCSL) is a new state wide playing league that will provide Division 1 and Division 3 teams the ability to seek higher levels of competition. This will result in improved player and team development.”

Here are the FAQ’s on their site

We’ve applied to play in the league  for the fall season.  Here’s a list of all teams that have applied to play.  The number in front of the team name has two parts.  The left hand number represents the District and the right hand number is a club number.

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