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Brett has figured out how to stream from his video camera to the web using his laptop computer and a wireless cell phone card. He will broadcast from the fields during the games!! I’ll have the game on the site in the upper right corner, when they are live. After the game, I’ll figure out how to put the recording on site for later viewing. Past games (recorded) are below.

The quality of the video, live and recorded will be limited by the wireless connection speed. The slower the connection, the lower quality the display. This is because USTREAM (who we’re using to provide the stream) has to get the data in real time. The data has to be compressed if the connection isn’t awesome, the higher the compression, the lower quality we see.

Also we’ve hired a videographer to film the games. We’ll get a DVD after the game that we can duplicate and provide to all families.

So while it won’t be the World Cup, it will be our kids.

Broadcast is working. Thanks Brett, Thanks Gary for the Awesome commentary it really helps understand what’s going on.

Past Games

Bracket Play, Day 1

Monday 6/21, vs Alaska; Final: 10-0

The recording only has the first half.

Bracket Play, Day 2

Tuesday 6/22, vs Hawaii Blitz; Final: 1-1

Recording is only of the first half which ended scoreless.

Bracket Play, Day 3

Wednesday 6/23, vs SoCal Arsenal; Final: 0-2


4 videos, in order, top to bottom.

Friday 6/25, vs WA Nationals; Final: 0-2

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admin June 26, 2010 at 11:49

Found out that several of the WA players were “dirty” CC and several other girls have scratches on their arms and torso. Our girls asked them to stop. The WA girls would not. CC nearly got a red card because she was caught “fighting” with the other girls a couple of times. She needs to learn to show her wounds to the Referee, not that it makes the behavior acceptable, but at least the ref would understand that she’s not “starting” it, but “finishing”

admin June 25, 2010 at 16:00

When listening to the first part(s) of the QuarterFinal you can hear the NW parents. It’s actually only 3 or 4 of them. They accused Cynthia and Brett of being unsportsmanlike because of where they were standing. C & B explained that it was the only spot they could get a signal and see the field. They also told them they could tell any friends back home where to view the game. The verbal abuse continued for most of the first half.

Cynthia and Brett were able to move at half time and it was much quieter.

After the game, at the hotel, Cynthia said she had at least six different parents from the Washington team apologize for the obnoxious parents’ behavior. Both for how they (the other, obnoxious parents) treated her and Brett and their comments towards our girls.

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