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Team Travel to Albuquerque-

Their soccer bag should be carried on containing:

Soccer Jersey – Both
Green practice Jersey
State Cup Champion Tee-shirt
Ball- The southwest site says they limit the carry-on bag to 10 x 16 x 24
[size 4 ball is just over 8" in diameter, size 5 just under 9"] Not sure if they have and/or use a sizer at the gate. (if it fits in the empty box it goes, if not, no) Probably ok if they don’t have all the outside pockets full of stuff. Might need to deflate the ball.

If they have and want to bring a personal water bottle, bring it but it must be empty to fly.
If they use pre-wrap for hair or whatever, bring that.

Know that they’re allowed to carry-on a smaller “personal” item too. Suggest the gray “string” backpacks they received for winning Fall league that has the Abronzino logo on it.

Everyone should bring sunscreen. It should be packed in a plastic bag and be in their CHECKED baggage. TSA will allow up to 100ml (3.4oz) of liquid (total) in the carry-on, you might want to put a small tube in the soccer bag. If you do bring sunscreen or other liquid in the carry-on, have it in a plastic bag and be prepared to remove it from the carry-on bag during the screening/x-ray process.

For the flights, please have the girls wear the Polo shirt that Sporting is giving the girls, and their Sporting warm-up jacket. We want to present a unified, professional, team image. Go Sporting!
General Info from TSA:

Full tournament posting (details)

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