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Our Points Went Down?!

Posted By Dan Hinz, Jr. On 07Aug2010 @ 19:48 In Green Team | No Comments

Depending on how often you review the GotSoccer website, you may have noticed that our points went down.?? How does that happen? Good question. The points that you have go “stale” or “expire” after one year. So, our points went down from 14156 to 13903 which is the number of points that we earned in our first ranked tournament (Breakers Cup) as GU12 competitors. In that tournament we received an arbitrary number of points (253) for winning.

We’ll get some points for being a finalist at Breaker’s cup this year, but since it is not a tournament run on GotSoccer’s site, the data is entered manually at their convenience…

The other interesting thing to notice is that even though our points dropped our rank went up by two. There is no easy way to know this other than to monitor the site. They show on our page whether our rank is up or down, but it is from a month ago. I think they ought to show how you’ve done not only for the last month, but for the last year. To compare a team’s rank from day to day or even week to week is not particularly meaningful:

  • Injuries
  • Illness
  • Referees
  • etc.

I think it would be useful to plot the numbers monthly for a year or longer.

Trivia question: What is the maximum number of points the team can ever reach?  Remember that the most points you can receive for winning a tournament is 10,000 minus 20% of the number you brought to the tournament.  Also, as mentioned above, points expire after a year…

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