CYSA State Cup 2011

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We’re defending champions for this tournament, let’s get it done!

For the full GU13 schedule, click here. For the Green team only schedule, click here. The standings can be found here. All of our matches, so far, are at the Morgan Hill Soccer complex on the Turf Fields. Our first match is at 10:15AM on Saturday. I’ve updated the calendar through the end of the tournament. The QF, SF, and Finals will be in Elk Grove at the Bartholomew Sports complex which is adjacent to Franklin High School. I put maps (be sure to click for larger to get the detail & suggested routing) and Weather links below. This map shows the field layout but does not provide numbering note that Franklin Road is shown on the East Side of the field when it is actually on the West side.

Rules can be downloaded here, and are summarized below.

Games will be 30 minute halves until the later rounds. The rules are poorly written in that they say round robin and preliminary rounds will be reduced by 5 minutes per half. The same sheet shows that the preliminary round will be 30 min and single elimination rounds will be 35 min. The question becomes does the number they show (30) already include the mandated 5 min reduction? Given that they say size five ball and specify the circumference and weight which is redundant, I believe it’s 30 and 35…

Scoring is: 3 for a win, 1 for a tie, 0 for loss.


  1. Head to head
  2. Goal differential (max of 4 per game)
  3. Least goals allowed
  4. Most goals scored (max of 4 per game)
  5. Kicks from the mark

In the later rounds if we go to overtime, there are a maximum of two 10minute periods and it is “golden goal” (first goal scored, wins).

Hotel Information

Click here

Bartholomew Sports Complex

click on link @ bottom of map for driving directions


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Dan February 7, 2011 at 8:28

Ajax United

:30 one of their players is flat out NASTY, hitting goalie at about 90% to 95% of full speed, knocking her to the deck. She could have turned away or hit the brakes instead of “tapping” them. That was just mean spirited. She gets a yellow. IMHO, should have been RED.
:32 Ajax scores on a fluke goal :-(
Half: 0 – 1
:39 Ajax scores on a break away, that was pretty (for them)
:50 goalie change for us CC -> Michelle
:52 laser shot CC, deflects it up hits top crossbar and over the back. Nice shot & nicer deflection!
Two more amazing denials by our goalie! First was 1V1 and a kick to the side line. A little later it’s 2 on 1 and I’m thinking third times a charm… but NO! as Cynthia likes to say, she went “flying monkey” at the girl with the ball and sends it back to the field.
Final 0 – 2

Summary- probably should have been 3-1, maybe 4-1 at end of first half. We had 5 good looks at the goal including two empty nets that wouldn’t drop. In fairness to Ajax, with exception of the lone dirty player, they outplayed us, beating us to most balls in second half.

Dan January 24, 2011 at 14:00

Burlingame Tornados

:12 Corner. ShM header
Half: 1 – 0
:33 ShM along the endline across face of goal. At far end StM deflects it in.
:41 LP dances and shoots from about 18
:54 CC to ShM
:59 Corner. MW header. How does she get so much air?
Final: 5 – 0
Good enough to move on to QF. Our opponent will be Ajax United Elite.

Dan January 24, 2011 at 13:54

Sporting 97 White

:04 Shot by LP, amazing deflection by Goalie, ShM gets rebound
:15 shot by ShM, deflection LP gets rebound
Half: 2-0
:50 Jazz shoots, deflected. EN gets rebound
:55 HG -> EN -> LC
Final: 4 – 0

Dan January 24, 2011 at 13:49

SRU Freeze

:18 Goal by SRU
Half: 0 – 1
:49 Corner kick, scrum, goal SRU
Final: 0 – 2

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