NorCal Spring Showcase 2011

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We are playing the Spring Showcase again. It is the first weekend in March.
More details to follow.


preliminary venue assignments and bracket assignments have been made. (SEE BELOW) We have 8AM games both days. Looks like we’ll be in Palo Alto & Foster City. The GU13 Schedule will be here. Sporting only schedule will be here. Standings will be here. Results grid here.


Our first game is currently scheduled at 8AM on Saturday at

Mayfield South

Page Mill Rd & El Camino Real
Palo Alto, CA 94306

The remaining games will be at:
Catamaran Park

499 Catamaran St
Foster City, CA 94404

Here’s a map between the two fields:

View Larger Map

You can sign up for text message notification of game scores. All field info will be here.

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Dan March 5, 2011 at 17:14


EDYSL Konfusion

:15Corner, bounces around then out far side. LC to LP header goal!
:22Goalie a bit to aggressive off the line. StM beautiful shot over her head from ~22yds
Half: 2 – 0
:37 Their corner, shot directly into back top of the goal, pretty.
:55 MW flattened @ half. RG lobs it over the line of players, SM chests it to her foot and puts it in the goal since goalie out too far.
Final: 3 – 1
Great game girls!

Dan March 5, 2011 at 17:11

Penninsula Power

Half: 0 – 0
Decent half, lots of shots nothing dropped for us.
:34 SM cross to MO. 1 – 0
:37 MW dribbles from half to the 18 falls down, shot to lower left corner. 2 – 0
:44 Missed pass. Laser shot from ~17yds. 2 – 1
Final: 2 – 1
Looks like we’ll be playing the Konfusion. As near as I can tell the last time we played them was in the run up to NorCal State Cup last year. January 2009.

Dan March 5, 2011 at 16:44

Sparta United 98 Premier (Utah)

:12 SM cross; past MW and MS buries it in back of net
:27 Handball; RG direct kick ~22yds Pretty!!
Half: 2 – 0
:37 HUGE flip throw-in to area of goal and in 2 – 1
:51 LP to SM
Final: 3 -1
Girls looked good and played well in spite of the dirty play by the other team. Two yellows for them, could have been more. One of the girls was given a card for being disrespectful to the referree in addition to the foul on the field.

Dan March 5, 2011 at 16:30

Breakfast. If you ever need to have breakfast or lunch, a decent place is the diner at the San Carlos Airport [SQL] The name is Sky Kitchen and their specialty is likely omlettes as half of their menu is omlettes. Some people had a late breakfast, others had an early lunch. Since they serve the hamburgers on french rolls, the patties have an interesting oblong shape to them. Prices are fair and the service was good.

Dan March 5, 2011 at 16:28

Sunnyvale United Red

:05 Corner RG across goal MW heads it 1 – 0
:25 SM dribbles in from abt the half 2 – 0
Half: 2 -0
:34 LP
:43 Corner across goal, bounce around SM taps in
:53 SM from abt 10 yds out
:59 LP perfect shot from right side into left corner goalies falling down fully extended but can’t get it
Final: 6 – 0
Great game! Girls did a good job of moving the ball around the field and using the goalie for redirecting.

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