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Better Printing

Posted By Dan Hinz, Jr. On 06Mar2011 @ 22:00 In Green Team,Site Operation | No Comments

An update on the website and mailing lists. I still do not know what caused all our problems with the mailing list for the last three weeks of February. I had similar problems on FGH’s team mail list too. In some respects their problem was worse in that it was spotty coverage. Our mail list just quit. Since it quit, we could work around it. We weren’t actively pursuing a lot of soccer, they were doing futsol.  I spent several hours on the phone with customer service to no avail. And countless more hours myself trying to figure it out. Finally, I threw in the towel and moved the mail list and website to a new hosting provider.

Since the mail list and website share the same domain name Sporting97Green.com they had to be moved in unison.  As far as I can tell I’ve moved everything successfully. If you find a broken link or some aspect of the site seems to be off or is “mis-behaving” give me a shout and I’ll see what I can figure out.

In the process of moving, I found a plug-in to enhance the printed aspect of the site.  In the past if you printed anything it was “ugly” in that it printed everything and on numerous pages.  I’ve set it up now with the assumption that you want the information in the post, not the advertising, the menus and all the links etc. Click on the print link/icon and it will create a preview.  Look for the “click here to print” in the lower right corner to print nicely, of course you can also use the print command from your browser once on the preview page.

The mailings will be slightly slower.  One the old server the mail was checked every ~72 to 120 seconds.  If there was mail to send it would send the messages within a minute, essentially 1 person per second.  On the new server, they require me to “throttle” the sending so the messages go out 3 per 10 seconds, so the whole list will be sent in under two minutes.  I’ll leave it there unless they ask me to slow it down.

The messages are all archived and available at:

http://dadamail.sporting97green.com/mail.cgi/archive/green/ [1]

even the messages you never got over the past several weeks. ;-)

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