Olympic Development Program (ODP) Tryouts -2011

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The open try-out format is being eliminated in the ’96-’97 age groups in favor of a nomination and scouting process conducted by qualified coaches. This change is being made throughout all Districts in Cal North.


Updated: 6/27/2011

Please let all of your nominated players know they are invited to the July and August sessions and wish them good luck. We will have a list of the players who have been nominated and their nomination form.

Players in all age groups (’96-99) who receive an invitation should participate in as many of the future sessions as possible. We have spread the sessions out on two weekends in July and August to make sure that those players with conflicts can attend at least one of the weekends.

Dates/Times for ODP Final Selections for District II Pool:

* July 16-17 and August 13-14 at the Morgan Hill Soccer Complex
* ’97 and ’99 age groups, boys and girls, will run from 10:00 a.m. to noon each of the four days
* ’96 and ’98 age groups, boys and girls, will run from 1:00 to 3:00 each of the four days.




District II Olympic Development Program (ODP) Announces Improvements for 2011

The District II ODP is the base level of a National process that promotes players to the U.S. National teams, which represent the United States in International competition, such as the Youth World Cup and the Olympic Games. The ODP is designed to identify and develop the most talented youth soccer players in District II to participate in State, Regional, National and International competition.

• In the past, District II has conducted open try-outs over multiple weekends at the Morgan Hill Soccer Complex. The open try-out format is being eliminated in the ’96-’97 age groups and phased out in the ’98-’99 age groups, in favor of a nomination and scouting process conducted by qualified coaches. This change is being made throughout all Districts in Cal North and is aimed at identifying the very best youth players in the District, (some of whom were unable or chose not to participate in the try-outs in the past), and promoting more District II players to the State, Regional and National teams.

• Under the new District II program, the top youth players with the highest athletic , mental and technical abilities will be identified by current CYSA-licensed coaches and DOCs. Coaches and DOCs may nominate players from their own club or from teams and clubs against whom they have competed. A coach may nominate any player who he or she believes can successfully compete at the State ODP level. Nomination forms are available online, shall be signed by the coach and DOC, and received by the ODP Coordinator no later than April 30, 2011. Nominations should be scanned and emailed to: odp@cysadistrict2.org

● Upon nomination, the nominated player will be evaluated by a staff of District II coaches during league matches, tournaments, and/or District or State Cups. Scouts may also add players to the list of nominated players to be scouted if they observe a player who has not been nominated who clearly possesses the requisite ability and characteristics. The top players will be selected to represent District II in the State try-outs starting in September.

● In the ’98 and ’99 age groups only, the ODP Technical Director and the Scouting Staff will hold an Identification day and/or Play Day(s) during the weekend of May 7-8, 2011. (These dates are tentative)

● There will be a separate staff of scouts for girls and boys. The staffs will be selected by the ODP Technical Director and ODP Coordinator. Every effort will be made to ensure that the staff has superior qualifications and is balanced.

• In the past, each District has been limited to a maximum of 20 players who can participate in the State ODP tryouts. District roster limits have been eliminated.

• In the past, District II pools have trained as “teams” and have competed against other district teams on Play Days. Under the new system, players will continue to train with their club teams. There will be no district training sessions. Instead, district-recommended players will try out for the State ODP team on a scheduled Sunday in September and October, and one weekend in December.

Reasons for change: To identify and develop more elite players in DII; to reduce the “burn-out” factor and potential for injury; to maintain consistency among all Cal North districts; to eliminate conflicts between players, their club teams, and the ODP process; to allow the committed and talented youth player the opportunity to achieve their dreams in soccer.

from: Todd Roberts, District II Coordinator
Full CYSA article here

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Shellie April 21, 2011 at 7:30

I wanted to forward this newest and updated information about ODP… it may be a bit repetitive, but I wanted you to all have the information. From my understanding, 97 players need a nomination letter, so if Jim and/or I can help any players, please let us know. 98 players have Identification days and also can have a letter, but it doesn’t seem to be needed. Also, players need a copy of their player card when registering on that day.

I hope this helps for those interested players

NOTE that the only process for players born in 1996 and 1997 to qualify for the State ODP tryouts (assuming they are not already a member of the State pool) is to be nominated by a current CYSA coach. The ODP staff will then evaluate the nominated players. The deadline for nominations is April 30, 2011 so it is important for you to get your nominations in quickly. We do not want any potential State ODP players in the District to be left out. This new process depends entirely on the coaches and DOCs to identify and nominate the top players to participate. Team managers should encourage their coaches to nominate qualified players. Again, the only way for our best ’96 and ’97 players to be eligible for the State tryouts is to first be nominated and evaluated by the ODP staff. Nomination forms are available on-line.

For players born in ’98 and ’99, District II is also holding Identification Days on May 7 and 8 at the Morgan Hill Soccer Complex. Coaches and DOCs may also nominate players in the ’98 and ’99 age groups. Players who are nominated may also attend the ID Days, but are not required to do so. The deadline for nominations in these age groups is also April 30, 2011.

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