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Sporting Families, it is Fall Registration once again! Both the U95 and U97 teams have been registered for the fall season, now it is time for individual players to register. The deadline is fast approaching. We need to take completed forms and checks to the Sporting Office next Wednesday, June 15. They will not accept any late forms. Each team will have a representative at Wednesday’s practice, and will have the necessary forms to be filled out. Please read the items below, and ask your representative or Jim, if you have any questions.
Registration Fee, Sporting Teams: Sporting player fees are $140 for City of Santa Clara residents; non-residents $160. Santa Clara Unified School District players qualify for the SC resident rate. Make these checks payable to SCSC.

Volunteer Participation Program Fee: $40 per family. If this fee is not included, be prepared to explain if it was paid with another sibling, or a parent is coaching or is a board member (Post-It note on the player application is fine). All VPP checks payable to SCYSL.

NOTE: 2 separate checks are needed.

U.S. Youth Soccer Membership Form – Form 1601 (Rev. 12/08 & 02/10)

Link is to a form that can be completed on-line. Please print & sign TWO copies in BLUE ink.

  • PLAYER INFORMATION: Be sure to complete this entire section and specially the mother’s birth date excluding year (MM/DD).
  • Last name – must match last name on birth certificate/passport. You need to use the exact name as it appears on the birth certificate to avoid delay in processing paperwork. If last name is hyphenated and player only uses one name, it is okay to just put that one name.
  • First name – must match name on birth certificate/passport. Can use either first or middle name as first name, but cannot use nicknames. If using two “first” names, must appear in same order as on birth certificate.
  • Middle initial – you can leave this out, if you choose.
  • PRIMARY GUARDIAN: Complete entire section
  • SECONDARY GUARDIAN: If address is the same as the primary guardian, check the “Same as Above” box so you don’t have to duplicate your work. If phone numbers are different please include those.
  • PO boxes are NOT allowed for address. You must provide street address.
  • Medical and Liability Release –must be signed and dated by parent (or by player if player is 18 or older).
  • Copy of Player’s birth certificate or Passport Only new players to CYSA must provide a copy of the player’s birth certificate or passport. Birth certificates must include an indication that “this document is a true copy of the document on file…..” Certificates without this statement will not be accepted.

Parent Contract

– signed. Only submit the white copy while parents keep the yellow. Online form = sign and return one copy.


You may either submit a CD with pictures (.JPEG, .JPG, .PNG or .BMP), or a “real” picture. All players and coaches must submit current pictures. Picture must be 1” by 1-1/2” but do not trim the ears or chin! No sunglasses or hats. Larger photos, Polaroid’s, poor quality printed/scanned or any previously laminated pictures (i.e., picture from last year’s player pass) will not be accepted. Please write player’s last name on the back.

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