Surf Cup 2011 – XXXI

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Congratulations girls on being accepted to Surf Cup XXXI (31)! They have done it yet again, Five in a Row!!

If you’re looking for the main Surf Cup website

it can be found here:

Well it’s official, our girls have done it again! They have earned a bid to the Surf Cup Tournament in San Diego, CA. This is one of the top tournaments in the country. This is the 31st anniversary (XXXI) of the tournament, and our girls’ fifth consecutive appearance.

This info is also available at: “/surf” ->

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Dates Field Map Schedule Hotel Weather Forecast

As of this update on June 7th, here are the team stats for our flight of 20 teams:

  • 9 teams are in top 1% of the country
  • 6 teams are in top 2% (including us)
  • 5 teams are in top 5% (over 3300 teams in the system)
  • 4 State Champions
  • 3 State finalists
  • 3 State semifinalists.

I wouldn’t let low rankings sway you, as we’ve seen in past tournament they do a great job of vetting their participants. As they say, “The Best of the Best” How about if this year we get a picture of the team under the sign? We’ve only forgotten to do that how many times? (I thought the third time was the charm)


As always, for the U10 – U15 it is the last FULL weekend of July: July 23, 24 and 25. Currently, all of our bracket play is scheduled on fields 7 & 8 which are straight back from the main entrance to the tournament.


Polo Fields address:

3885 Via De La Valle
Del Mar, CA 92014

Field Map



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Sporting ONLY schedule FULL Bracket schedule

Our Schedule is available at the link below this summary, we are in bracket TBD.

Sat 12:25 SCSC Green Surf WHITE 07
Sat 18:15 SCSC Green Real SoCal WHITE 07
Sun 11:00 SCSC Green Annandale Samba 08
Sun 17:30 Bracket E#1 Wild #1 7/8
Sun 16:00 Wild #2 Wild #2 7/8
Mon 11:00 Winner A Winner B 14
Mon 11:000 Winner C Winner D 13
Mon 16:00 Winner SF1 Winner SF2 12

Tournament Main Menu

Accepted TeamsWe’re in bracket “TBD”

Rules (pdf) file

Full Bracket Schedule

Sporting Only Schedule


Results Grid


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Dan Hinz, Jr. July 26, 2011 at 10:31



:13 Own goal
Half: 0 – 1
Final: 0 – 1
Hard fought game between the 18′s. We had one good shot on goal that the goalie tipped into the post and went out. We couldn’t convert on the corner. Their goal was an unlucky fluke.

Dan Hinz, Jr. July 26, 2011 at 10:24

Annandale, VA SAMBA

:07 1 – 0 Corner, scrum SM
:13 2 – 0 beautiful run up middle/right to NC
?? 3 – 0 (Loss of txt msg)
Half: 3 – 0
:26 3 – 1 oops
:28 4 – 1
Final: 4 – 1 Great job girls, excellent finish to bracket play. On to the quarterfinals!

Dan Hinz, Jr. July 26, 2011 at 10:20

Real So Cal

:05 0 – 1 “worm burner” from ~25yds. Un-stoppable
Half: 0 – 1 Very even match
:31 1 – 1 SM sends one in from left two people get a touch their defender takes one of our girls to the deck MO comes in from right side to clean it up.
:37 2 – 1 Corner RG to SM header! Ball struck so hard it gets trapped between back of the frame and net
Final: 2 – 1

Dan Hinz, Jr. July 26, 2011 at 10:15

Surf White

:05 0 – 1
:20 0 – 2 Defensive breakdown
Half: 0 – 2
:27 2 – 1 Foul, Direct kick ~19yds SM
Final: 1 – 2
Very even, hard fought game. 60/40 to Surf. Personally, very disappointing to me to see Surf being allowed to violate the laws of the game (deceptive play). Yes it is the opinion of the referee as to whether it is deceptive or not, but most opinions I found defined the line in this type of situation as the verbal communication between the players. Talking to each other deceptively is the “line”. Playing deceptively without talking was mostly considered not violating the rule.

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