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2011 Goals for a Cure

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A recap for the month of October’s “Goals for a Cure” fundraiser.

There was a total of $583 collected for

  • Shaker Jar
  • Raffle for the handmade blanket
  • bracelet and ribbon sales

Additionally, CC (#8) held a fund-raiser at her school, St Frances Cabrini and in a single day over one 15 minute recess was able to raise $1039.60! There was a lot of pre-work required and she had to get permission from the principal and the Director of Religious education. To do that she wrote up a one page proposal of what the fund-raiser was about. She related how cancer had touched a number of families on the team including her. Once it was approved, she had to do some “pre-selling”. A memo was sent to all the teachers explaining the fundraiser. Several weeks before she ordered the pink silicone bracelets that she was going to sell at recess. She ordered 2 gross (288) the cost was $40 and was her parent’s contribution to the fundraiser.

Several days before the date, she and some friends made up and posted signs around the school. Many, if not all, of the teachers talked to their classes before the day. Many set aside part of their white boards for students to write down people they know or knew that were affected by cancer. For the little kids, it might have been “Grandpa Joe” or Grandma Smith, older kids could actually write out full names. On the day of the fund-raiser, she and one of her friends went from room to room and gave a short presentation and answered any questions that the kids had.

For recess, which was the only time she was allowed to sell the pink bracelets, she set up several tables and had several friend helping her sell the bracelets. They sold all 288 before recess was over and estimate they could have sold another 50 – 100. Additionally, they collected $1 from the students that wanted to purchase “Free Dress” Tops or bottoms $1 each. In that brief 15 minute time frame they were able to collect the $1000. Several of the teachers and several parents generously gave too.

CC's collection from
Saint Frances Cabrini School

There was over $100 in quarters and dimes (weighed in at over 2.3kg)
The biggest quantity of any single denomination was the $1 Bill which amounted to $485. The largest bill was a $20 and there was over $1 in pennies.

It was a huge success and much appreciated.

So the total contribution by the team was $1622.60!!

Go Sporting, beat Breast Cancer!

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