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Down not Out

by dhinz on 11Jan2010- 400 views

As most of you are aware, Megan was hit by “friendly fire” during the first game of the AJAX United Invitaitional tournament, this past weekend.  The shot was to her right forearm at point blank range  from one of our “cannons”, actually a 205mm Howitzer, known as… The pain was intense, immediate and unceasing. Scott [...]


Surf Cup Game 3

by dhinz on 26Jul2009- 307 views

This was a disappointing game for us losing 0-3 against Surf Blue.  The game was a lot closer than the score indicates. Our girls played hard but couldn’t get anything to drop in the net.  Surf Blue showed us why they are the reigning Surf Cup Champions and went on to finish second in the [...]


Surf Cup Game 2

by dhinz on 25Jul2009- 262 views

This was another great game!  Dallas Texans 1 – Santa Clara Sporting 1.  We drew “first blood” and the Texans were able to even the score on a direct kick that should never have occurred.  The AR called (and it was) a foul throw in for Texans but the Center did not acknowledge him… Three [...]


Surf Cup Game 1

by dhinz on 25Jul2009- 331 views

The girls did a great job and came up with a win!  The Real So Cal team was first to score making it 0-1.  Lauren Craft came back and tied it for us.  Shae had the third goal of the match (our second) giving us the lead.  The Real So Cal scored again right before half time making it [...]