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Photographs Everywhere Yuske (Ken) Nakano We’re very lucky to have such a skilled photographer chronicle our daughter’s journey
WordPress Everywhere WordPress is the program and framework that is used to run/display this site. The display is customizable via the use of themes. The basic functionality is augmented through the use of plugins. Some are invisible to the user, others directly impact the look and feel.
Thesis Theme for WordPress Everywhere This is a “premium” theme meaning you have to pay for it. I find it very powerful, useful and when I switched to it, it allowed me to drop several of the plugins that I was using. This theme allows me to generate custom backgrounds by page, rotate the banner at the very top, and, and,..
Excel VBA Macro
Converts a table range in excel to an html formatted table.
Schedule page (current season) written by:
Charles Balch
I created a macro that:
1. goes to the master schedule on the web & extracts all the data to a table in excel.
2. It does a comparison & highlights all the changes.  I approve or disapprove them.
3. Charlies’s macro converts the approved changes (in excel table) to a html table.
4. Lastly, the tables are uploaded to the website via FTP.
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