Here are our Game Fields, Practice Fields, and frequently used, but unassociated. Driving directions are available on the linked maps:


Sporting Soccer Complex
5049 Centennial Ave (Tasman & Centennial)
Please note: NO pets. NO food, gum or drinks other than water.
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Curtis Field
890 Pomeroy Ave
Parking is available behind the school which you
can enter from Brookdale Drive.
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Sutter Field
3200 Forbes Ave
is the school address “A” but games are played on
the field closer to Pomeroy “B” in the linked Map.
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Wilson School
1840 Benton Street
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Bowers Park
2582 Cabrillo Ave
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Central Park has lights
901 Kiely Blvd
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Jenny Strand Park
250 Howard Drive
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Carden Academy
615 Hobart Terrace
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Mission College
3000 Mission College Blvd
Fields are NW of the campus
Parking costs $2. Tickets start at $45. ;)
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Frequently Used

Morgan Hill Soccer Complex
16500 Condit Road
Morgan Hill, CA 95037
Parking costs $5/day in either of the paved or dirt lots. Details.
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