Tryouts 2011

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The Santa Clara Sporting 97 GREEN team is having open tryouts on January 15th and 16th from 10am – 12pm at Curtis Field.

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Sporting Highlights 2010

We had a great year as did the entire Sporting Club. Watch this highlight video that runs seven and a half minutes. We’re in there a lot!! Congratulations girls.

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District Cup Fall 2010

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District 2 Cup (Fall) will be on the weekend of November 20th. Full bracket schedule and the Sporting only schedule is here. All the fields are in Morgan Hill at the map is here.

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League Champions

Congratulations girls and coaches on another well played season! The 9 week season was a huge success with the girls posting a 9-1-0 record. An amazing 30 goals for and 7 against. Only 1 team scored against them in both of the outings, several teams

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More Good Press

There is a website, I’m not sure how new or old they are, (copyright indicates 2009) that found us. They are a youth sports news site and they’ve written an article about our girls which used to be found here.  Nothing we don’t already know or haven’t seen before, but still pretty cool seeing the [...]

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Treasure Island Field

All the gotsoccer site says is Avenue H on Treasure island. There are fields above and below the icon on the map below. Not sure which field is ours. Got soccer lists three: “A2″, “B” and “T”. We are assigned to “B”. Driving time is ~1hr 15min without traffic and up to two hours in [...]

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Jefferson HS Location

To make life a tad bit easier for the teams involved, our game against Santa Rosa has been scheduled at a field that is in between the two of us. So instead of driving 2 hours to Santa Rosa, we’re in Daly City, about an hour away. 6996 Mission Street Daly City, CA 94014 Larger [...]

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Placer Prestige Cup 2010

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The Placer Prestige Cup will be held October 30th and 31st. The location will primarily be at the Cherry Island soccer complex and some other fields in the West Roseville area. Below I’ve entered a couple of links that may or may not become active showing the accepted teams. (up to the tournament admin to [...]

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Picture Day

We are scheduled for team photos this Saturday, September 18th at 1:20PM at station 2. Wear your striped jersey. Bring your filled out form with you. I guess we’ll head over right after our game against white…

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Our Points Went Down?!

Depending on how often you review the GotSoccer website, you may have noticed that our points went down.?? How does that happen? Good question. The points that you have go “stale” or “expire” after one year. So, our points went down from 14156 to 13903 which is the number of points that we earned in [...]

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