On TV Again

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 12May2010- 395 views

Several of the girls were filmed with soccer star “Marta” during a commercial shoot for Puma, our club sponsor. The girls got that were picked and filmed didn’t all show up in the finished video. See how many you can find! added videos taken at the shoot


Rosie Tantillo Training

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 28Apr2010- 648 views


Training will be lead tonight by Rosie Tantillo #22 midfielder for the FC Gold Pride. Welcome Rosie!! Her stats/bio are below


FC Gold Pride 2010

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 25Jan2010- 320 views


FC Gold Pride is moving to Cal State University East Bay (Hayward) Pioneer Stadium Here is a link to the article on their site. Season tickets are going up on February first see the article here. If you’re interested, you should order before February 1st.


Kim Yokers Training

by Jim on 23Sep2009- 901 views

Post image for Kim Yokers Training

Kim Yokers will be training the “BIG” girls today and How visitors found us:kim yokers, Kimberly Yokers


Gold Pride game Sunday

by Shellie on 15Jul2009- 289 views

Hi All, Is any one interested to go to the FC Pride game this Sunday the 19th at 5pm?? They are having a buy one/get one free on Facebook…I already have 3 tickets and may take my girls….just seeing if any one would like to meet us there??  My tickets are “open” and in the [...]


FC Gold Pride vs Chicago

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 07Jun2009- 262 views

The team went to Buck Shaw stadium to watch the FC Gold Pride. We sat in the end zone and one of our girls caught a shot that was a bit wide of the right pipe. The team mascot came over and tried to con her out of the ball. They let her keep the [...]