The Mountain

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 12Jun2010- 356 views

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Earlier today, Saturday June 12th, 2010 the team assembled at coach Jim’s house at 9:30. We planned to take advantage of the Black & White limousine service but had to call in the “re-enforcements” and it became the Black, White and Blue (at least it wasn’t the black and blue service). My suburban had 8 [...]

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Bike-A-Thon 2010

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 24May2010- 667 views

Skyline to the Sea. Wow, what a beautiful ride. The trail goes almost 30 miles inland to Saratoga Gap. It passes through Big Basin Redwood State Park, the first in state history, and through Castle Rock state park.


Spring League 2010

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 21Feb2010- 404 views

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We’ll be playing up an age group (U13) in Spring.  Here is a link to the CYSA district 2 website (nothing there yet) Once the information appears, I’ll get it posted/linked etc. 


Old Soccer Balls

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 09Feb2010- 241 views

Where do old soccer balls go? I’m not sure but here is a short clip showing one possibility.



by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 03Feb2010- 305 views

After the last weekends CYSA matches and winning our bracket, some of the girls were interviewed by Santa Clara Sporting Club’s one and only Jay Miranda Check it out:


Ba, Ba, Ba, Bling

by Jim on 26Jan2010- 1,826 views

Sorry Bing… BaLiiiiing!!! Hardware “The Goods” Trophies Bling Cup Medals


FC Gold Pride 2010

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 25Jan2010- 320 views


FC Gold Pride is moving to Cal State University East Bay (Hayward) Pioneer Stadium Here is a link to the article on their site. Season tickets are going up on February first see the article here. If you’re interested, you should order before February 1st.


Down not Out

by dhinz on 11Jan2010- 400 views

As most of you are aware, Megan was hit by “friendly fire” during the first game of the AJAX United Invitaitional tournament, this past weekend.  The shot was to her right forearm at point blank range  from one of our “cannons”, actually a 205mm Howitzer, known as… The pain was intense, immediate and unceasing. Scott [...]


Fundraiser Successful

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 18Jul2009- 317 views

The Bike-a-thon was a huge success, more than 3/4 of the team was there and there were lots of brothers & sisters, Moms & Dads that made the 15 mile trek. Getting underway at 1721 with Mabel Plesse at the helm the fleet of bicycles and riders were off. They had stops at the playground [...]


Gold Pride game Sunday

by Shellie on 15Jul2009- 289 views

Hi All, Is any one interested to go to the FC Pride game this Sunday the 19th at 5pm?? They are having a buy one/get one free on Facebook…I already have 3 tickets and may take my girls….just seeing if any one would like to meet us there??  My tickets are “open” and in the [...]