Our Points Went Down?!

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 07Aug2010- 404 views

Depending on how often you review the GotSoccer website, you may have noticed that our points went down.?? How does that happen? Good question. The points that you have go “stale” or “expire” after one year. So, our points went down from 14156 to 13903 which is the number of points that we earned in [...]


Tracy Orange Bowl

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 19Apr2010- 1,743 views

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Schedule is posted. ALL of our games are at Placensia complex which is the one on the right in the picture below. One game Sat, Two Sunday, latest one starts at 6:30PM. If we finish 1 or 2 in our bracket the final or consolation will be on Monday. Accepted! Playing U13 How visitors found [...]

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Moved UP on NSR

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 12Mar2010- 321 views

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I figured one more try before giving up completely. I sent another e-mail to the folks at National Soccer Rankings (link can be found under links) figuring that as state champs, we might get some love… Thanks to Brent for pointing out that they moved us up to #1 in Region IV and #2 nationally.


Number 1

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 16Feb2010- 290 views

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NUMBER ONE!! Congratulations Coaches and Girls for being ranked number ONE in the COUNTRY.   Not sure why, but the flight for the State cup game was valued at 9000 points on GotSoccer.  I had figured we’d get somewhere around 600 point for the win, based on the teams in attendance.  I’ve sent a message to [...]


Number TWO!!

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 20Jan2010- 295 views recomputed the team rankings today and with our latest win at Copa Real Invitational Tournament this past weekend, we are now Ranked:


GotSoccer Scoring

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by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 09Sep2009- 410 views

Questions??? I continue to receive questions on how awards points at the tournaments. Usually, they are in the form of: “How come team XYZ got more points than us when we beat them and won the tournament?” How they do it: Take all the teams attending the tournament in your flight and arrange them [...]