State Cup

FWR Practice field

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 16Jun2010- 351 views

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Balloon Fiesta Park is located at the north end of Albuquerque. The park can be reached from either the Northern Entrance (I25 Exit 234; Roy/ Tramway South to Balloon Fiesta Parkway) -or- Southern Entrance (I25 Exit 233; Alameda Road West to Balloon Museum Drive)


Acclimating to Altitude

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 27Mar2010- 325 views

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Drink water! Drink lots and lots of water. It’s recommended that you drink twice as much water as you do at lower altitudes. Drinking water is the single most helpful thing you can do to keep up with the demands of higher elevation. In turn, avoid the dehydration that results from consuming alcohol and caffeine. [...]


ON the CYSA site

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Our State Cup victory is now documented on the CYSA North Website Link to the photo Gallery is here There doesn’t appear to be a write-up and the photo rotates to the front page so if you stay on it it will show up there too (under links). The photo isn’t as good as Ken’s [...]


Girls Interviewed on Sporting TV

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 24Feb2010- 303 views

Sporting TV, February 23, 2010


Ajax goals 1 and 2!!!

by Miriam on 19Feb2010- 541 views

Video Below are video clips of various parts of the CYSA State Cup Championship game against the Ajax United Elite.

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Number 1

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 16Feb2010- 290 views

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NUMBER ONE!! Congratulations Coaches and Girls for being ranked number ONE in the COUNTRY.   Not sure why, but the flight for the State cup game was valued at 9000 points on GotSoccer.  I had figured we’d get somewhere around 600 point for the win, based on the teams in attendance.  I’ve sent a message to [...]


CYSA State Champions!!

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 14Feb2010- 428 views

Far West Regionals here we come!! Winning this championship is an automatic bid to the Far West Regional tournament. We’re on the Sporting club site here. Here are some video highlights provided by one of our new found videographers. These girls are awesome! They came to play and play they did! It was a hard [...]


Ba, Ba, Ba, Bling

by Jim on 26Jan2010- 1,826 views

Sorry Bing… BaLiiiiing!!! Hardware “The Goods” Trophies Bling Cup Medals


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CYSA State Cup 2009-2010

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 18Nov2009- 2,715 views

CHAMPIONS! UPDATED SCHEDULE Because of yucky (highly technical term ) field conditions, our game has been moved to the NORTH Turf field and the time has changed to 3:30PM on Saturday. SATURDAY Check-In Please be at the Soccer complex at 2:45PM on Saturday for check-in/warm-up. SUNDAY Check-In (If we advance) Check-In on Sunday will be [...]


NorCal State Cup 2009-2010

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Finals: December 19th, 2009 2060 Freeway Drive Woodland, CA 95776 (530) 662-9100 Brunch / Ornament Exchange In keeping with our tradition of years past, we’ll be having an ornament exchange after the game. Siblings are welcome to participate, the more, the merrier!! We’ll do it over brunch which will be at: Denny’s 590 N. [...]