Sporting Highlights 2010

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 20Dec2010- 300 views

We had a great year as did the entire Sporting Club. Watch this highlight video that runs seven and a half minutes. We’re in there a lot!! Congratulations girls.


Broadcasting LIVE!!

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 20Jun2010- 539 views

Brett has figured out how to stream from his video camera to the web using his laptop computer and a wireless cell phone card. He will broadcast from the fields during the games!! I’ll have the game on the site in the upper right corner, when they are live. After the game, I’ll figure out [...]


FWR Practice field

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 16Jun2010- 351 views

Post image for FWR Practice field

Balloon Fiesta Park is located at the north end of Albuquerque. The park can be reached from either the Northern Entrance (I25 Exit 234; Roy/ Tramway South to Balloon Fiesta Parkway) -or- Southern Entrance (I25 Exit 233; Alameda Road West to Balloon Museum Drive)


Travel to Albuquerque

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 16Jun2010- 381 views

Post image for Travel to Albuquerque

Team Travel to Albuquerque- Their soccer bag should be carried on containing:


The Mountain

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 12Jun2010- 354 views

Post image for The Mountain

Earlier today, Saturday June 12th, 2010 the team assembled at coach Jim’s house at 9:30. We planned to take advantage of the Black & White limousine service but had to call in the “re-enforcements” and it became the Black, White and Blue (at least it wasn’t the black and blue service). My suburban had 8 [...]

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Sunnyvale Alliance SC

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 03Jun2010- 816 views

Post image for Sunnyvale Alliance SC

A nice way to finish the Spring season in our soccer park. :01 Didn’t see it, was still walking up and heard the cheers :32 MO to EN about 12 yds out Half 2 -0 :41 Corner- LP to MW :63 score Final 4 – 0

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Juventus Avanza

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 23May2010- 408 views

Post image for Juventus Avanza

Great Game Girls, well played. In addition to playing soccer they had the additional task of dodging all the “trinkets” on the field. (Ewww!) :17 RG Corner, goalie stops but can’t control HG scores from 2yds :20 MW has the ball at abt 20yds on right side, shoots to far side. Half: 2 – 0 [...]


MVLA Mercury Blue

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 24Apr2010- 585 views


@ Blach Middle School


Tracy Orange Bowl

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 19Apr2010- 1,743 views

Post image for Tracy Orange Bowl

Schedule is posted. ALL of our games are at Placensia complex which is the one on the right in the picture below. One game Sat, Two Sunday, latest one starts at 6:30PM. If we finish 1 or 2 in our bracket the final or consolation will be on Monday. Accepted! Playing U13 How visitors found [...]

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Indoor Champions 2010

by Dan Hinz, Jr. on 18Apr2010- 394 views


Wow!!! The Sporting Girls I know and love are back!